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Target amount 2500
Current amount 27
Ending date Dec 31 '21, 00:00

Latest donations

admin Paid
admin Apr 13, 15:11
Bendover25 Paid
Bendover25 Apr 13, 14:24
miss Paid
miss Apr 13, 14:11
Amount: GBP10

Support Description

Dear Members and Guests to our Website,

As with any business, there are high costs involved in providing a service. We currently pay expensive advertising rates, hosting fees, website maintenance and admin costs on monthly basis.

We would like if you can, to donate however little in order to help us continue to provide a service to everyone using Wishes Online Dating and that of future member registrations. Thank you very much in supporting us.:)

The Wall

admin Paid
Apr 13, 14:21
Thanks Miss for Donating £10
RealMadam Paid
Apr 13, 14:26
Well done Miss
admin Paid
Apr 13, 14:28
Thanks Bendover25 for supporting our cause.
Scorpiochick1 Free
Apr 13, 14:30
I like this already guys.
biggirl100 Paid
Apr 13, 14:32
Will donate when I get paid
Trina45 Paid
Apr 13, 14:34
Pricked1 Paid
Apr 13, 14:37
Hope this works for this fab website!
admin Paid
Apr 13, 15:12
Admin has made the effort and donated £15.00
Bendover25 Paid
Apr 13, 15:46
Every little helps
Kanda Free
May 10, 17:14
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