Frequently asked questions (FAQS)

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Registration and Membership Rates:

You can register for free and this includes - setting up a profile, uploading photos, videos or browsing other profiles. Admin will apply #125DAYS FREE to use the fantastic features once your profile is approved.

How users can register on the mobile applications?
Users can easily create accounts on the mobile app by following the signup process.

Who can join?
Anyone can join Wishes Online Dating in finding genuine love, long term relationship and great friendships, a basic right for everyone!

Without Prejudice: We will remove profiles that contain abusive or offensive language, nude, explicit photographs or videos.

Where can I locate the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and About Us?
This can be found on the bottom section of the main web page. Please familiarise yourself with these useful information.

Can the mobile applications be used in multiple languages?
The generic mobile applications are available in the English language.


To upload a photo, click Photo in the top menu.
1. Click the Upload photos or Create Album button.
2. Select photos.
Note: You can either drag & drop photos from the opened folder on your Desktop or select them by clicking Drag & Drop photos here or click to browse.
3. Add the photo description. You can add hashtags to the photo description. The hashtags will help your users to search a photo.
Note: The photo can be rotated
4. Choose the existing album or create a new one and click Submit.

Edit photo/album (Note: Admin can edit/delete any photos on the site)
Go to My Photos page to edit your photo or album.
1. Click the photo in the photos list
2. Move mouse over the context action icon appeared and click Edit
You can edit the photo description or move this photo to another album.
3. Click the Albums tab on the My Photos page
4. Move mouse cursor over the album cover image and click Edit Album appeared on the context icon hover.
5. Here you can:

  • • change the album description
  • • change the album cover image
  • • delete several photos at once
  • • move several photos to another album
  • • delete album

View photo
Go to Photo page to browse the photos.
Here are three photos lists: Latest, Top Rated, Most Discussed

If you want to comment, rate, flag, or view full size photo, click the photo.
If you want to search photos by tags, enter the hashtag into the search input at the top right corner of the page.

Who Viewed

The users who viewed your profile will appear on My Dashboard page.

If the widget is empty, it won't show up on the dashboard page. You should have at least one view from another user before the widget shows up on the Dashboard.
Login to your account, view your profile, then the widget will show on your Dashboard page.


The matchmaking is based on 2 profile questions:
  • • gender
  • • birthdate

Example: you are logged in as female user. In your profile you have specified that you are looking for male. When you visit My matches page, system will:
Check whom you are looking for. In our case you are looking for males > system will find all male users.
Check whom those found male users are looking for.
If male user is looking for male - this will be excluded from matchmaking process, since you are female user and you don't match their looking for value.
If male user is looking for male - this user will be included into further filtering process, since you do match that user's Looking for value.
At this point system found all male users who are looking for females.
System checks whether those male users match you by age and whether you match them by age.
As a result, system pulls the list of only relevant male users. That is the user list you see when you click My Matches
If the user did not fill match profile questions, the system checks the, this is unimportant box automatically. In this case all values for this profile question will participate in the matchmaking.

Users can see their matches on the My Matches page. They can sort the members by newest or most compatible. The matches are also available on the Dashboard page.
Users can also view the compatibility degree on the profile view page.

Quick Search

Quick search is aimed at providing site users a simple way of getting to search results without any restrictions. Functionality behind quick search is not attached to authentication data.
Thus, quick search form doesn't know anything about searcher: both guests and logged in users are treated equally as “visitors”.
Therefore quick search form, unlike advanced search, always allows any visitor to select his or her gender.

Advanced Search

Advanced search form is aimed at providing user an ability to find users based on wider range of search criteria. Functionality behind advanced search is attached to authentication data.
If logged in user is doing advanced search, system automatically fetches user's gender from his or her profile. Therefore logged in user is not allowed to select their gender.

Search logic
Both quick and advanced searches involve two parties:
searcher - person who does the search.
Searchee - person who is being searched for.

User Search plugin is designed in a way to bring search results that meet interests of both searcher and searchee.

What happens when user hits "Search"?
System checks which gender searcher selected for “Looking for” field.
System finds all users who match searchers “Looking for” value.

Outcome: raw search results. Raw search results are not yet visible to searchers and include list of potential searchees.

System checks what gender searchee selected for “Looking for” field in their profile.
System checks what is the gender of searcher.
If searcher's gender meets “Looking for” value of searchee » this searchee is placed into secondary search results.
If searcher's gender doesn't meet “Looking for” value of searchee » this searchee is excluded from secondary search results.

Outcome: secondary search results. Secondary search results are not visible to searchers.
System checks whether secondary search results meet rest of the search criteria such as age, location and anything else that was selected on search forms.
Outcome: final search results. Final search results are visible to searchers.


The standard Mailbox enables users to:
Send the messages into the site Mailbox by clicking the Send Private Message button on the user's profile page.
The compose message area will appear at the bottom of the page.
Receive the incoming messages to their INBOX by clicking the Messages button in the console. User will be directed to their Mailbox, the user can not only reply to the message, but send a new message, search for messages, mark the message as read, unread or delete history.

This mode enables only chat option. If you enable this mode, the users chat list will appear in the right bottom corner of the screen.
In this list you can see all your friends and users you had a conversation with. Users are ordered by the activity - online users and the users who recently contacted you will appear at the top of the list.
To start the chat, you should simply click a user in the chat list. The chat window will appear next to the users list.
Notification about a new chat message will appear next to the user in the users list and on the Messages button in the console.
User also can see all their chat messages in the Mailbox. To do so, they need to click the View All button in the console.

Note: If you switch to the Chats mode, all conversations related to the Mails will be hidden from the list of conversations in the Mailbox. Do not worry the conversations are not deleted and will show up again in case you switch back to the Mails option.

Note: Conversation will be completely removed from the database only in case both users will delete it from the Mailbox.

Mails + Chat
This mode enables both standard Mailbox and chat options. If this mode is enabled, users will be able either to send a private messages or to have a real-time chat conversation.
The conversations in the Mailbox will be indicated by two icons:
Envelope icon says that this is the private message sent to INBOX;
Chat bubble icon says that this is the chat message.

Note: If you choose Mails or Mails + Chat option, you will see the Allow to send messages once in configuration.

This configuration allows you to enter the number of seconds to set the interval between the users' messages.

Hot List

The Hot List is available on the Dashboard page. To add your profile to Hot list click Are you hot, too? link.

Click Remove.

Virtual Gifts

To send a gift to a user, go to the user page and click the Send gift button.
Choose a gift, enter your compliment if you want to comment your gift.
Check the Send private gift box if the gift should be visible to the gift addressee only.
Click Send.
Users can see their gifts on the My Profile page. To view all gifts, members should click the View all link.
The My Gifts link is also available on the Dashboard page.

Block List

Block list feature allows site users to block each other to avoid unwanted interactions. Blocked users can not send start/continue conversations with you and disappear from your chat list. Feature comes with counter of blocked users and ability to unblock any user at any time.

Block Button
Block button is located within profile action toolbar, under toolbar item "More".
Once pressed confirmation pop up will appear.
If you do not have “Blocked users” link within “Quick Links” widget, this means that you do not have blocked users yet.

What blocked user Sees
"Sorry, this user chooses not to interact with you" text will be displayed for blocked user when he or she attempts to start/continue conversation with you.

Unblock Button
Unblock button is located in two places:
within profile action toolbar, under toolbar item "More", where "Block" button used to be before.
under action menu at Blocked user list pages.

Third-Party Features

User blogs with archives, tags, comments and rates.

The list of upcoming birthdays for site users + widgets for index, dashboard and profiles.

Simple discussion boards for our users.

Privacy settings for our users to manage who sees their profiles and content.

Allows our users to embed videos with comments, rates, and tags.

Simple groups within our site.

Friending functionality is used across multiple features.

Social media sharing
Share any content from the site on Issuu, Facebook,Twitter, Google+ and Instagram

We have chat rooms, Yahoo instant Messaging and Skype at your disposal.

Members can tag their content e.g. photo, video, blog posts. Search by tag. Popular tags selection.

Send Profile to a Friend
Send noteworthy profile links to your friends via email.

Location Maps

Join page
If you enter, city, country, zip to the Location field on the Join page, your location is displayed on the Google map.

There is Map tab on the Search Result page showing the location of users.

Profile View
If you click on the value given in the Location field, the Map component showing the user's city appears.

Contact Us

To send an email, user should click the Contact Us link on the bottom menu. Enter their email, subject, message, type in the captcha and click Send to the administrator.

Subscription Rate

The table below shows our price options.We have the right to change our price options without notice.

2 Weeks 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 9 Months 12 Months
£1.00 £3.00 £10.00 £20.00 £30.00 £40.00

Subscription Expiry
You will receive notification a few days before your paid membership is about to expire. We will not automatically renew your membership, the choice is yours!

What payments do you accept?
We accept Pay Pal payments, or you can check out as a guest and follow the merchant’s payment procedures. Their terms of use, privacy policy can be found on the merchants check out page.

What name will show on my bank or debit or credit card statement?

Refund policy

Please note that all payments made to use Wishes Online Dating. Com are non- refundable.

How can a user delete their profile?
1. The user should login to the site;
2. Then go to his Dashboard page;
3. Click the Profile Edit tab;
4. Scroll down > they will see the Delete Profile button.

Success Stories

If you meet that special someone from our website and you wish to share the good news, please let us know. With your permission we will happily publish the information on our web page.

Best Regards,
Wishes Online Dating and Wishes Online Dating.Singles,
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